I open webmail and it appears that the connection is not secure.

You may see something like this when logging in to webmail:

Secure Webmail FAQ

Don't worry! Your webmail is secure.

What the browser is warning you about is that the security certificate (that provides the https functionality) is assigned to server4.stwhosting.com*, and not webmail.yourdomain.com

SSL security provides two functions:  

1. it encrypts traffic between the server and the browser,
2. it validates authenticity.

It is ok to proceed, or if you'd prefer you can go to https://server4.stwhosting.com/webmail* which is the same server, but by its ssl associated name.

*STW Hosting offers hosting through multiple shared hosting servers. Call us at 416-244-2979 or email support@stwhosting.com if you need further assistance.      


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