Tips for keeping your webmail mailbox clean

Your email box on the web server has a limited amount of storage space.This includes messages in the inbox, sent mail box, trash can, or any other folders.  In order to receive or send messages, you must clear old messages from your webmail mailbox.

  1. Delete unwanted messages from your Inbox. Messages with attachments (indicated by a paperclip symbol beside the sender's name) take up more space.

    If you need to save the attachment, save it to your PC or to a network drive and then delete it from webmail.

  2. In the Webmail Sent Items folder, delete messages that you no longer need to keep. The Sent Items folder makes a copy of every message that you send.

  3. Delete the messages from the Webmail Deleted Items folder. It will prompt you if you want to permanently delete the selected item(s). Click on Yes if you are sure you want the old message deleted.

  4. If you use Outlook or Outlook Express, set it to remove messages automatically from the server when downloaded.

    If you send and receive email regularly, you should follow these steps often. By keeping your mailbox maintained, you will seldom receive a "Your mailbox is over its size limit" message.

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